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Install _&_activation autodesk autocad 2016_v1.pdf free


I’ve been tryingto install Autocad on my laptop. I have checked that there is enough space on the disk, enough memory etc. It appears to be running the installlation from what I can tell, there’s been no stopping or error message, but on the other hand it’s been going for about 18 hours now and is still saying “20 of 21 itemss remaining”. Is it worth waiting? Is it just because my broadband connection is slow? Can anyone advise please?? Instead run the “Browser-Download” so you get the complete installation-data on your local system.

And when this is finished start the installation from the local files. Hi thanks for that – the screen shot didn’t appear at first and now that I can see it it’s different to what was on my screen – I’ve tried using the browser download and that just wouldn’t work – I tried with the down load manager and it said the job was already queued even though I’d deleted whatever bits had been installed from the last couple of times I tried it.

I’ve done it again with the download manager and it is now stuck on 1hr59mins remaining — I’ve switched off my fire wall and everything, so baffled as to whatt else to try and also concerned that if it takes days to install my device will be at risk!

Another thing that confuses me, when you it says thankyou your file is downloading Make sure now downloadmanager is active uninstall it, it there is any installed or at least disable it for your browser. Maybe it’s a help when you try th Browser-Download with another Internet-Browser, so if you are working with Internet-Explorer then try Mozilla. And depending on the package you download: if the download exceeds 2GB then the files are splitted for download, so it might be possible if you click one time to start the download that you get 2 or 3 dialogs to commit “SAVE” the file.

If the installation media is splitted into seperate files all have to be ready downloaded before you right-click the first of the files the EXE and start it with option “as administrator”. That depends on what package you download and how fast your Internet-Connection is. Ok, so it shouldn’t be taking hours and hours and not making any progress? It’s been installing for 4 hours and still has only loaded 6Mbs of 4.

Just to make sure: it loaded 6Mb or does it show 6Mbs with ‘s’, which is then the download rate and not the download amount. If it’s 6MB, then I’m back to my previous thought: you are running multiple downloads parallel, maybe some downloadmanager are active parallel to the download you currently look to.

It’s 6MB, not 6MBs. If it is running parallele downloads, how would I know and what can I do about it? Ok so now it’s downloaded and installed everything – 0 of 21 remaining, 4. I know it’s free and all but I can’t believe how much of a balls ache it’s being!

Good that you figured it out – but I must also point out that is an incomplete answer. Windows 7? Windows 8? AutoCAD Forum. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

Did you mean:. This page has been translated for your convenience with an automatic translation service. This is not an official translation and may contain errors and inaccurate translations. Autodesk does not warrant, either expressly or implied, the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information translated by the machine translation service and will not be liable for damages or losses caused by the trust placed in the translation service.

Back to Topic Listing Previous Next. Message 1 of Hi there, I’ve been tryingto install Autocad on my laptop. Many thanks Emma. Message 2 of Hi, don’t start the installer directly from the web-browser. CDay not an Autodesk consultant. Message 3 of Sorry I’m lost – what Browser Download and how do I run it? Thanks Emma. Message 4 of Message 5 of Does anyone know how long these installations are meant to take?????? Message 6 of Hi, be careful please, if you click and click and click to download the file you might start multiple downloads of the same file, making everything really slow.

Message 7 of Message 8 of Message 9 of Message 10 of Simply double click to extract the install files which can be deleted after install. Are you a student? What about your instructor or classmates? Message 11 of Ok thanks, but should I stop the other installation?

Why is it saying it’s installing but not doing anything? Also should I uninstall the download manager? I have been through the whole process several times. Message 12 of I’ve turned off the mcafee firewall which seemed to have made the difference, but then this Message 13 of How did you get this far?

Post screen shot of download file size before proceeding. One step at a time, and you never answered my questions. What is your OS? Message 14 of Hi there, No I’m not a school child – I’m a member of staff lol My operating system is Windows 64bit. Message 15 of I always disable anti-virus and UAC during install. They simply use their personal serial number for the install. Post Reply.

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